Surgical Instruments Catalog

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            Surgical Instruments Catalogue


01-Anaesthesia   02-Trocars, Vaccination  

03-Diagnostics   04-Scalpels  

05-Scissors   06-Forceps  

07-Artery Forceps   08-Cotton Swab forceps  

09-Probes, Applicators   10-Retractors  

11-Suture   12-Plaster Instruments  

13-Bone Surgery   14-Neuro Surgery  

15-Cardiovascular Instruments   16-Oral Instruments  

17-Otology   18-Rhinology  

19-Opthalmology   20-Tracheotomy  

21-Goitre   22-Tonsil  

23-Stomach Instruments   24-Dermatology  

25-kidney,urology   26-Gynecology  

27-Obstetris   28-Sterlization  

29-Asepsis   30-Holloware